I have been an Internet Marketer for over 2 years

I have well over 40,000 active subscribers with plenty of buyers!

I have several autoresponders so you can depend on me to deliver!

I always track clicks through the budURL tracking service

I Always deliver, and deliver super quick!

"Wow Bill!  I didn't realize you already started sending me traffic this quick.  Before I knew it, I already made my money back from the solo ad, and it wasn't even half way done yet.  Keep them coming!"

--Grayson Brookshire


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--Mark Gurney


"Thanks Bill! The solo was great! The clicks came in super fast, and I could tell they were quality.  I had a great optin percentage and quite a few sales.  I'll definitely be back for more!"

--Andrew Coore


Before purchasing your solo ad, please contact
me via Skype or email first to confirm availability.

Your solo ad will go out immediately and all
clicks will be delivered in full within 48 hours.

I reserve the right to refund your order if your page
does not suit my list.  IM/Bizopp offers work best!


500 Clicks - Only $195!
Clicks - Only $125!
200 Clicks - Only $105!
100 Clicks - Only $65!


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or email me before purchasing!

My user ID on skype is "wobarrett"

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